Relevancy is the Key

If you are a Semi Permanent Make Up Technician you have probably spent a lot of time and a lot of money training to become good at what you do.One of the next logical steps when you go into business is to get a website and you would probably promote that website via business cards, leaflets, adverts in magazines and newspapers etc.The only problem is that when you get your website built you will not probably give any thought to Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is commonly known.What is SEO?SEO is basically the things that you do to your website to make it more Search Engine Friendly, when your website is Search Engine Friendly it will usually mean that people will be able to find your website easily in the Search Engine, such as Google, Yahoo etc. 마사지

It goes without saying that if people can find your website online you will have a steady flow of potential customers that come across your website, and if they are specifically looking for the services you offer as they arrive at your website they will be inclined to get in touch with you to find out more.What do you need to do to your website to make it Search Engine Friendly?The first thing you need to think about is:Relevancy.Google and the other major Search Engines are built on relevancy, so if your website is Relevant to the very thing that someone is searching for you are stacking the odds in your favour.Lets assume you are a Semi Permanent Make Up Technician based in the county of Kent.What you would want to do is make sure certain elements of your website contain the words, Semi Permanent Make Up Kent.Then, when someone searches on Google for the Keywords, Semi Permanent Make Up Kent Google will recognise the fact that the phrase Semi Permanent Make Up Kent is contained in your website and it would then be likely to present your website in the Google search result.So, if you want your website to have a better chance of appearing in the search engines make sure your website is relevant for the keywords you want to be found for.