Did Cash For Clunkers Really Work?

Now that the controversial Cash for Clunkers program is officially over, a lot of people have things to say about the program, whether or not it was a success and if there should be another one or similar programs like this. Many believe that the US Industrial economy is moving again and that the cash-for-clunkers program was a success that assisted with this.We see workers are going back work and consumers are now able to buy large and sometimes expensive forms of transportation. People are borrowing money, loans are being given and money is exchanging hands. This is what the economy is all about. So does this mean the program was a winner? Can we now see big improvements due to this revolutionary program? Only a couple of weeks after its end, many people are skeptical.

It’s all about the money exchanging hands, or so they say. But is the money changing the right hands? Is what’s good for General Motors and the rest of the US auto industry also what’s good for the rest of the United States? Was this program really a benefit to the US economy?It was believed that the government had created value by giving money to car companies and also to dealers. However, some believe that this may have just shifted that money away from other uses. Some believe that if the government had not given money to cash-for-clunkers, then this exchanging of money might be taking place in other areas.Some believe that the bailout and the cash for clunkers program was just another example of the government stepping in the help out big companies that should (and probably do) know better than the make the mistakes they make. Could a bailout and a program like Cash for Clunkers just be another way of covering up the mistakes they make and allowing them to continue to happen? Cash For Cars Sydney

What the Car Dealers are Saying

Most dealers early on agreed with the ideas behind the program. It seemed like a win-win for everyone involved. It was also a way to get older, less fuel-efficient vehicles off the roads and replace them with more environmentally friendly alternatives. While this did require some sacrifices for car dealerships, they were promised their just rewards for taking part in the program.On the more literal topic of whether or not Cash for Clunkers was a success, statistics have shown that most dealers and car lots are still waiting for the money the government promised them they would have for participating in the program. Many who participated are not seeing the results they were promised and if asked this very same question, they would probably say it was not a success.


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