Customized equipment maintenance platform use several profiles to build?

The equipment maintenance platform is a convenient tool for the maintenance, commissioning and installation of large equipment for the factory, including the current high-speed rail station. Everyone may use me to think that it is only one profile to assemble it with a profile. In fact, this is an error that can be built in a variety of profiles.

The equipment maintenance platform sets a combination of no less than two specification profiles. This is a basic common type. If it is a complicated possible profile specification, how many details are designed, different parts Use the appropriate profile according to the actual use.

The Custom Aluminium Fabrication equipment maintenance platform in the figure has been built by three profiles. It is the Shanghai Qumeoma for a company’s home measuring installation. QY-8-8080A and QY-8-4080W and QY-8- The framework of the three specifications of 8080d, the connection element is also the connection to the material of aluminum products, has the advantages of rigidity and corrosion resistance and light weight, combined with lean tube to do protective side, using anti-skid aluminum panels to do stepping Taiwan, safe non-slip.

From the case, we can learn that the custom equipment maintenance platform can not only be assembled with a variety of profiles, but also assemble with aluminum profiles using other materials. If you don’t understand anything, remember to leave a message to Xiaobian.