Smart Immersion Heaters for Solar PV Installations – Positives and negatives

The electrical energy made by your photo voltaic PV panels is fed into an inverter which converts the energy to AC. This electrical power is now available for use inside the family. Any of this energy which is not made use of is mechanically fed back again into the countrywide grid.

An clever immersion system consistently displays the inverter output. Every time it senses that surplus electrical power is becoming fed again to the grid it switches on an immersion heater in the hot h2o cylinder, that’s why the description ‘intelligent’.


A solar thermal kit expenses about £one,five hundred with attainable even further charges for installation and perhaps even a replacement very hot drinking water cylinder. A simple intelligent immersion kit could Price as very little as £200.

Some types are arrange  Immersion heater to continuously differ the facility source to your immersion as a way to match the surplus electric power that will in any other case be exported.

Installing an smart immersion consists of no plumbing expertise.

The wiring is simple mainly because it mostly makes use of clamps all over existing cables. Having said that, producers normally suggest applying a qualified electrician.

Some smart immersions use wireless technological innovation so which the switching with the immersion could be monitored (or simply controlled) from indoors.

Such a watch can typically be connected to a pc to empower downloading of historic facts about electric power era and use.

Some products and solutions can be used to turn on so-termed good plugs to operate other services (such as air conditioning) from the surplus electric power.

Much larger PV programs, three to four kWp, usually tend to make more than enough surplus electric power for an intelligent process to work successfully.

The greater subtle kits Price tag nearly anything nearly £seven hundred.

To get a medium-sized PV procedure, 2 kWp say, inside a home the place electrical power or fuel is the main gas resource, the savings might be pretty modest. Even diverting 1 unit of electrical energy a day to water heating, that’s reasonably optimistic, would save all over £50 a year. Pay back-again time could possibly be quite a few yrs. Dearer good fuels and propane gasoline would shorten pay back-back time.

For anyone methods which would not have variable Charge of the immersion heater, if the immersion heater is switched on at full electrical power by an smart immersion they might consume more energy in comparison to the surplus from your PV panels. This could quickly negate the money preserving. This can be solved in either of two ways. One particular is to fit a transformer to generate the immersion operate at 1 kW. This may incorporate another £sixty to the price. One other is to interchange the immersion which has a Solaplug immersion, a conventional heater and photo voltaic coil in a single unit. These are generally close to £250 to get.

Some units have an on a yearly basis recurring price of as many as £48 for distant monitoring.

If to invest within an clever immersion system inevitably arrives right down to balancing the monetary outlay from projected price savings on 1’s gas payments. But if the Innovative characteristics of the greater innovative programs are tempting, the lengthier pay-back periods may not subject a great deal of.